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Presentation för klassen Marknadskommunikation på Berghs

Dags att börja blogga igen, kanske? Det här gången får det då bli på svenska, eftersom det handlar om en presentation på svenska som jag körde nyligen för Marknadskommunikation på Berghs. Jag hade blivit inbjuden för att prata om hur det är att vara planner på kundsidan och jag tror jag gjorde det en del. Men också om en del annat. Kul var det, framför allt för att det visade sig vara en extremt bra klass som ställde många intressanta frågor. Tack för det.

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I’m trying out this new thing. It’s called “productivity”.


Image: dkuropatwa

As of today, I’m trying out a different way of working. Instead of setting out to do a job overreachingly perfectly and letting it take the time it takes, I’m starting at the time-end. The first thing I’ll do is simply to say to myself “I can spend a maximum of x hours on this” and then adjust the quality of the work accordingly. When time is up, the work is done.

Not that you care. I’m only writing this because I want to be able to go back six months from now when this plan of mine has burst into a million little electrons and laugh at my own naivety.

Anyway, it worked for 60 Minutes.

Dayjob, Random

What I hate about my job


Image: h.koppdelaney

The navel-gazing of the industry.
The groundless glorification of individuals.
The dependency on others.

But most of all I hate being in the position of a consultant. More specifically, I hate being unable to say “no” when I client asks for something that I really shouldn’t be doing. And I hate being unable to tell them I have other clients too and that they all demand my time 24/7 (not really true, but it feels like it).

Come to think of it, maybe I just hate being a wuzz.