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What I hate about my job


Image: h.koppdelaney

The navel-gazing of the industry.
The groundless glorification of individuals.
The dependency on others.

But most of all I hate being in the position of a consultant. More specifically, I hate being unable to say “no” when I client asks for something that I really shouldn’t be doing. And I hate being unable to tell them I have other clients too and that they all demand my time 24/7 (not really true, but it feels like it).

Come to think of it, maybe I just hate being a wuzz.


3 thoughts on “What I hate about my job

  1. Thank, Johan. (And thanks again, Nina.)

    You’re right, I should say no. But that’s like telling a fish to get out of the water. The root of the problem is internal (isn’t it always?) and in reality has nothing to do with anyone else.

    Maybe becoming a “No Man” is the way forward?

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