The best definition of a brand I’ve ever heard (too)

Yesterday I found myself serendipitously watching a presentation by Dave Armano where he referred to Marty Neumeier as having coined the best definition of “a brand” that he had ever heard. I couldn’t agree more. Here it is:


So simple yet so useful and to the point. Don’t you think?

Original image: Pensiero


12 thoughts on “The best definition of a brand I’ve ever heard (too)

  1. Yes, it’s clock clean as we say. Because it emphasizes the GUT feel, unfortunately the GUT feel is the most missing part in communications, tracking, research methodologies etc.

  2. The question then becomes, how is this gut feeling created? What role does culture play in this gut feeling? Could we say “a brand is a community’s gut feeling” to emphasize that the meaning of the brand is culturally co-authored? Does this definition hint that we (western marketers) are obsessed with individuals and don’t understand the importance of community?

  3. A brand’s meaning (what the gut feeling is) is, like you say Elia, equally much created by the context (culture), as identity is through symbolic interactionism. The thing is, and this might perhaps be going out on a limb, EVERYTHING is. Why don’t we get that? We don’t live in a vacuum, hence nothing is created in a vacuum. Can I get a woot woot?

    Think Noah Brier or Faris has a good post on culturally co-authored brand meaning, but I’m pressed for time so sorry, no link.

  4. I was going to answer to “but what do you think”, Elia, but It would be way too lengthy. But I did come across this film, which deals with the point about brand meaning and co-created such – but also identity etc and a broader scope. Brand meaning is not special in this case – it’s meaning as such that we’re talking about. Well worth watching. Well well worth it.

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